A Perfect Autumn Day

Today was a beautiful day outside and since we know winter is not too far away we decided to go to the park and enjoy the afternoon! It really was lovely. Not too hot. No bugs. A perfect Saskatchewan fall day.

First we played in the playground. Here is my mom pushing Olivia on a baby swing. She loves swings... as long as they are outside. She will have nothing to do with her baby swing inside. But that isn't the point.
Here is my mom and my baby girl enjoying the day and each other.

Owen , for some unknown reason common to most children, is obsessed with climbing UP slides. So here he is pretending to mountain climb up the slide. And as a point of interest today was the first day he wore his brand new red t-shirt and he managed to get a hole in it. Of course.After we played we took a walk on the trails at the park. The leaves are all turning yellow and the walk was really pretty. Here is Olivia with her daddy.
So I had one of those "genius" moments as a mom where I thought I would give my son, Owen, my camera to take pictures on our walk. He really loves to take pictures and most of the time does REALLY well with the camera. Unfortunately he tripped and fell and broke my camera today. That really sucked. Doug is going to try and fix it but who knows if he will be able to. Sigh. But Owen did have a lot of fun taking pictures and the pictures are fun to look at. Even if the camera is busted.
Here is my mom and Aiden studying a piece of beehive they found on the ground.
And here is Grandma and Aiden hiding in a bush to surprise the rest of us as we walked by.
Here is Grandma and Aiden enjoying each other's company.

This was an impromptu picture we took in front of a fallen tree on the path. Why? Well, why not?Here is Aiden resting in the middle of the path. We told him he is too big to carry. He was not impressed.
After the park we went and had ice cream which, in my opinion, is the PERFECT end to a lovely afternoon. I love ice cream.

Of course I didn't get anything on my list done. The house is still a mess. My husband will be up late working. But it was worth it. I love perfect fall days.


Judy said…
I cannot think of anything more worth doing than what you did!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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