My Top Ten Pet Peeves

I read this post over on Super Mom's blog about her top ten pet peeves and I was in the mood to join in. So here it goes...

1. Pee anywhere other than in a toilet.
2. Bodily fluids of any kind anywhere other than in the body to which they belong.
3. Crushed food on the carpet.
4. Crumbs in my bed that I didn't put there.
5. Wet, dirty, stinky, slimy dishrags left in a heap in the bottom of the sink.
6. People who care more about my lawn than about my family.
7. Cat litter anywhere other than in the litter box.
8. Whining children.
9. Revenue Canada.
10. Church Politics of all kinds.


Caroline said…
Some of these lead me to believe you may have a few boys in your house? Or maybe just a bad day? Don't you hate how those cats sling the litter everywhere. I even bought a huge plastic bucket to put under it, and still manages to end up in the carpet!
Please don't come to my house b/c you'll run away screaming. #s 1-6 and #8 are rampant in my house.
#6... argh... I 2nd that.
Just Me said…
Love it! The 'pee thing' is definitely on my list! If I have to, I can handling wiping the 'pee' off a toilet seat from my own family ( now I said if I HAVE to)..but a public toilet...or at a friends place - I dunna know..'stranger pee' just grosses me out! And yea..the dirty dish rag thing - what a stench! Kitty Litter - check....bodily fluid thing - check.....Revenue Canada - check..( I know I need to pray more for them) politics of ANY kind - BIG BIG check!'s CAN come over to my house to play - we'll have lots to comfort one antoher about, lots of repent of..and lots to pray for - I'll put the coffee pot on!

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