Mr. Shadow

As you all know we got a kitten this summer. His name is Shadow and he is GREAT! He is absolutely the perfect cat for our family. He never gets mad at the kids- even when Olivia pulls his whiskers, even when Aiden chases and catches him and carries him around and even when Owen pulls his tail- he never scratches, bites or hisses. He is amazingly calm.

But he drools. A lot. Every time he purrs. If you pet him, he purrs and drools. Its really gross. And he is still in that obnoxious kitten stage of life where he decides 4 am - every night- is the perfect time to play. Loudly. And preferably on the bed where we are trying to sleep.

But no one can be perfect.

This is a picture of Shadow I took this afternoon while he was playing in the leaves in our yard. He has been spending most of his days chasing the falling leaves. And he is growing rather quickly as well. And he doesn't really run... he lopes.
He really is a very funny cat.


Jinny and Colin said…
I'm glad that he's not another cat that you may or may not have owned 8 years ago. He looks so cute!

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