Morning with the Robertson family

This morning our little kitty- Shadow- who really is not that little anymore- caught a bird. He was very proud of himself. Here he is torturing the poor thing. Cats.

And yes, we went and played outside this morning... in our jammies. I'm fine with that. Here is Owen riding his bike in his cool lightning McQueen jammies that his grandma Ann made him.
Here is Aiden playing with his transformer "bumblebee". My kids need haircuts. Before tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day we go to get our family picture taken for the church directory.

Owen felt that the house needed some sprucing up as well. Here he is sanding the front of the house. He told me he had a lot of work to do. I agree.
And here the boys are "fixing" the post. I was informed that it is rusty and needs to be replaced. I'll get right on that.
Yesterday Owen took all the petals off of my Sunflower. Sad isn't it?

Last night at bath time Olivia really wanted to get in the tub with her brothers but I fear that they would drown her (unintentionally of course) but I let her stand at the side and watch. She enjoyed herself immensely. I'm sure a time will come, relatively soon, that the boys would not be thrilled to let their little sister watch them bathe... but until then it makes for a good entertainment for her. Here is Owen giving her a kiss. I just love moments like that.
She fell flat on her bottom after that kiss. Owen just doesn't know the force of his love.

I am debating letting everyone just choose their own outfits for the church picture tomorrow. It might be fun to have the entire family in jammies. Except Olivia who seems to prefer just a diaper.

It almost seems dishonest to dress us all up pretty... it's not like we spend a lot of time looking spiffy. Actually I think what we wear will largely depend on how much laundry I manage to get done today.

Last night I dreamt that I had an upstairs laundry room. When I awoke from this blissful dream I began to plan a way to convert my closet in my bedroom into a laundry closet. I really hate having to tromp up and down my basement stairs a million times a day. It is especially bothersome now that Olivia tries to follow me. I set up the play pen so I can put her in it to go downstairs but she hates the play pen passionately so basically I do laundry to the sounds of a screaming baby and my sons yelling at me "Mom, Olivia is crying. I don't think she wants to be in the play pen anymore. You should come and pick her up." Thanks for the advice boys.


Jinny and Colin said…
I totally want my laundry stuff upstairs!!!! Wouldn't it be awesome? My sister just built a house and had her laundry put upstairs and I am immensely jealous at the moment.

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