Men are strange

I just called my husband at the church to find out how the light bulb changing is going and he informed me that he didn't have to climb up high after all and that they are all done.

I am feeling several emotions about this revelation.

First of all, relief. I am relieved that it is over. Relieved that he didn't have to climb up high. Relieved that no one fell off any high scaffolding.

Second, annoyance. A conscientious husband would have called me the minute he figured out he didn't have to do the climbing to tell me that so I could stop feeling sick about it. A kind husband would have called me the minute they were finished so I could have known everyone was safe and sound on the firm hard ground.

Third, amazement. I am always amazed at the differences between myself and my husband. Men are just so... different. I put a link on my side bar to the blog "Because I Said So". She also has some musings on the differences between men and women. And she's way funnier than I am.

Fourth, and entirely unrelated to my husband, I am feeling frustration. Does anyone other than me find it incredibly difficult to go through drawers and stacks of paper with three kids around? At this rate I am never going to find all the paperwork I need to send into the cursed Revenue Canada thugs.

That's all. Olivia is presently trying to chew on the baby blanket I am never going to finish crocheting for her.

Alas... so many unfinished projects. So little time. So low on sanity.


Judy said…
Yes. I know what you mean.

Scared to death they are going to die, and then want to kill them when they get home.

Ah, love.
the Doug said…
It really wasn't that bad... but I suppose I'm very clearly not the one to be mentioning that here...

love me for me.

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