The joy of accomplishment

Today was my son Owen's first day of pre-kindergarten. That means that it was Olivia and I home alone this morning for 2.5 hours.... I can't tell you how amazing it was! You would be amazed at how much I can accomplish in that short amount of time!!!

I cleaned my kitchen.
I washed the floors.
I vacuumed the living room.
I did 3 loads of laundry- I even folded and put them away!
AND I got to have a nice conversation on the phone with my friend Becky with no one interrupting me!

I was starting to think I would never get anything done again but this morning has restored my faith in my own abilities as a housewife.

Pathetic isn't it? But I really did feel a great sense of accomplishment for those few tasks being completed.

I think Olivia liked the brother-free time as well. She got to explore a lot and I think she found it quite fascinating to watch me in my cleaning frenzy.

Tomorrow we all get to go to the dentist for our yearly check-ups. I recruited my mom to come along and watch Olivia for me. Fun times ahead.

Then on Thursday I have another 1-child-at-home-only morning and my goal is to clean my bathroom. I can do it.

I must admit I find it a wee bit frustrating to have Aiden going to school for a full day on odd days on a 6 day rotation and Owen going to school Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday mornings. I wish they could have co-ordinated it so that they would at least be in school on the same days or something. Oh well. I am still just so happy to have 2 mornings a week where both boys are gone.


Angie said…
Goooooo housewife! Can you come by on your 1-kid days to clean my house? That'd be AWESOME!
Amy & Jared said…
Aiden school schedule sounds confusing... how does that work?

and by the way I love your blog... it makes me smile... thanks!
Bebemiqui said…
Wow, that's a lot to get done in 2.5 hours. Not sure I could've done least not without a kegger of coffee ;o)
Well done you getting so much done :)

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