Family Resemblance

I found this old picture of Owen at 9 months old... he was so cute and pudgy! And I think he looks a lot like Olivia... or rather Olivia looks a lot like him. Owen's face is rounder and his hair was more blond. My mom brought a picture of me over not too long ago. In it I am the same age that Olivia is now. She has more hair than I did.
Family resemblances are fun. Sometime I will try and dig up some pictures of Aiden and Doug at the same age.


Anonymous said…
she looks like a little robertson/aiden in this picture
Jinny and Colin said…
Woah...Your kids look like you a lot. Too cute. I think it's funny that in some families, like Colin's, the kids look nothing like each other or their parents, and then in other families you're all like clones of each other (which is good, cause man you are all just cute).
And just thought I'd say that I love your blog. You are very funny, and a great writer. Love it.

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