Exhaustion vs. Sanity

Exhaustion is the enemy of sanity.

Owen had been perfectly fine with the idea of going to school UNTIL I told him he had to change out of his Halloween costume into school clothes. Then he FREAKED. Sobbing, big crocodile tears, the whole nine yards.

And me being the brilliant stellar example of graceful motherhood freaked back at him. I actually yelled at the child and told him to stop crying.

He hiccuped and sputtered "I (stutter, sniff, sniff) can't (hiccup, sputter, sniff) mommy (sniff, sniff). " Then he sobbed some more.

So I yelled at him to be quiet. Did I mention what an AWESOME mother-of-the-year moment I was having?

For some reason in my addled brain I thought that MY yelling would be less likely to wake up Olivia than Owen's hysterics.

At this time I would like to remind everyone that Owen is not even 4 yet. And he is a pretty sensitive kid. He wasn't trying to be bad. He was honestly upset that he had to take off his beloved cowboy costume.

Yelling at him was not the answer.

So as I wrestled him out the door to school, him sobbing "I don't want to go to school Mommy" it occurred to me that all this crying would not help him look cute in his picture.

Yes, that really was the reason I calmed down. Not because my child needed me to for his own emotional stability, but because I wanted his face not to be blotchy in his pictures.

Oh ya, mother-of-the-year, right here.

He had calmed down significantly by the time we got to school. But he still didn't want to be there. He told me I made his tummy hurt by yelling at him. I apologized. He said he didn't forgive me.

When we got to his classroom he told his teacher that I yelled at him and made his tummy hurt.

I apologized again. By now I was feeling really bad for the mess I had created.

He said he didn't forgive me.

Perhaps we should have a discussion on forgiveness one of these days.

Owen then told me he didn't want to be alone at school. I pointed out that all his friends and his teachers would be there. He cried again.

We did a puzzle together, I gave him a hug and a kiss. He cried. Then I left feeling AWESOME (not).

The moral of the story is to take a DEEP BREATH before freaking out at your kid for being upset. Sheesh.


We ALL have those times. I almost lost it tonight when my 3yo took down a box. Just a box. We all do it.

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