I may have spoken too soon in my post yesterday. This morning at around 5 am Owen woke up crying and wanting his suckie. He chucked his new toy across the room. My husband was the lucky one who got to deal with this joyful experience since I was already up feeding Olivia. Luckily it didn't last long and Owen even went back to sleep. Hopefully this will not be a nightly occurrence.

And Aiden is still not adjusting very well to kindergarten. Apparently he did very well today until last recess... then he went nuts. From what I understand it took THREE supervisors to carry my stubborn child inside because he refused to go back in to the school. Lovely. So Aiden has to stay inside for first recess on his next school day... I am assuming this is the kindergarten equivalent to detention. Perfect.

I'm not feeling so hot today. I would very much like to drink a cup of neo citran and climb back into bed and stay there.... preferably without any children. Ah, the blissfulness of being alone. Even briefly!

The kids all have colds too. Aiden's is worse than the others but he always seems to get hit the hardest. Probably because his asthma is the worst. He just has a ton of obstacles. My poor kid.

The leaves are falling off the trees all together too quickly in my opinion. I'm not ready for winter yet. But oh how beautiful all the falling yellow leaves look in the sunlight. It really is lovely.


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