Cowboy Woody vs. Darth Vadar

Yesterday we went into town to Wal-Mart. It is Owen's birthday coming up and so we needed to get him a birthday present. While we were there we bought the boys their Halloween costumes. In case you are wondering why we bought them this early it is because we don't get to Wal-Mart very often (the closest one is over an hour away) so when we get there we tend to stock up.So my boys spent the entire day today wearing their costumes. Owen is dressed as Cowboy Woody from Toy Story... but he also wanted to add the pirate sword and telescope so he could ALSO be Peter Pan. Of course. And Aiden is dressed as a GOOD Darth Vadar. In this picture he is dueling with Daddy.
They had so much fun dressed up. I think I am going to let them wear their costumes a lot in the next few weeks. Might as well get my money's worth out of them!

I also tried to take a few pictures today of the trees outside my living room window. I wanted to capture the beautiful yellows of the leaves but these pictures are the best I could do!

I love the fall colours. I really enjoy walking the boys to school in the crisp fall sunshiney days.

Speaking of school I am really praying that Aiden doesn't run away again tomorrow. Scary.

And another scary thing- my sweet baby girl Olivia STOOD UP in the middle of the living room this afternoon. She wasn't holding on to anything she just stood up. Only for a few seconds mind you but still. She is only 9 months old! And now before you all think I am bragging about my advanced daughter... I am not. I REALLY don't want her to be growing up this fast! I am ENJOYING her baby-hood and I don't want to let that go!

With my boys I couldn't wait for them to reach the next stage- crawling, walking, talking etc. But with Olivia I just wish she would linger a little longer in her sweet baby stages! Oh how I am going to miss her infant stage!

Of course I will enjoy sleeping through the night again someday. But I am willing to endure a longer time of sleep deprivation in order to keep her a baby just a little longer. Because oh she is so darn cute.

At this point I would like to remind you all that with my boys I had un-medicated post partum depression (which I REALLY don't recommend) and with Olivia I have medicated post partum depression... wow what a difference! So really, Olivia is the first baby I have just enjoyed! I barely remember the boys infancy- it is all a blur of crying exhaustion and depression. Sad isn't it? If only a doctor had really listened to me and given me some meds it could all have been different.

On the off chance that there is some new mommy out there reading this and you are feeling depressed... please don't try to be a hero (or super spiritual) and go through it all alone. Get help. Don't be afraid of the medications. They really do help. It doesn't make you a bad mother to get help when you need it.


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