Clean the clothes mommy

My sons are outside playing Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook. Owen is dressed in his car jammies that his Grandma Ann made him. Apparently he thinks those are good pirate clothes. Aiden is dressed in his dirty clothes from yesterday.

Actual conversation:

Aiden: "Mom, there is NO clean clothes in my pants drawer so I had to put on these dirty clothes." -looking disgusted.

Me: "I'm sorry Aiden. I will put some clean clothes in your drawers today."

Aiden: "Why do you NEVER clean our clothes?" - hands on hips looking disdainful- "Cleaning the clothes is YOUR homework. You HAVE to do your homework mom."

Me: "I know honey. I'm sorry. Mommy will try harder." - looking appropriately remorseful.

The thing is, he really doesn't have any clean pants in his drawer. But I just haven't put the clean clothes away yet. Not that all the clothes are clean. Don't worry. My laundry room is still full.

Well, that was short lived. Now Owen is in tears on my living room floor because he fell down. Olivia just tried to ingest a battery. And it is raining.


Angie said…
Do your clean clothes live on the laundry room floor like mine do? If only the clothes could make it to the drawers and the clean dishes could make their way to the cabinets, my life would be so much easier.

I'm going to attempt positive thinking for that to happen.

I found your blog from Dawn's. She is the best! I advertise on her site, and I'm loving her writing as are you.
Angie :)

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