Bye Bye Suckie

I can not believe how easy taking away Owen's suckie (soother) has turned out to be! I expected a HUGE fight. I expected TONS of crying. I expected constant whining.


We traded him his beloved suckie for a new toy he has wanted. He was a little distressed last night when he got to bed and realized he wouldn't have his suckie. He wanted to trade us back but I told him his suckie was gone. He cried for a couple minutes. Then he went to sleep. And he slept all night no problem. And he didn't ask for the suckie once today. Not even at bedtime.

If I had known this would be so easy I would have done it ages ago.


I am thinking God knew I had enough going on and was gracious to me by helping Owen through this transition.

What a relief.


I SO hope it goes as easily for us as it did for you.

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