Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

My husband knows that I LOVE the Harry Potter books. Love them. I have read them all and most of them twice. I think they are really really really enjoyable.

SO the other day, knowing my excitement over all things Potter, my husband bought me these SUPER cool candies. ... That's right, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. For those of you who haven't read the books this will mean nothing. Feel free to skip this post.
For those of you who HAVE read the books you will know that Bertie Bott's every flavor beans literally come in EVERY flavor. Not just good flavors.

This box contains the following flavors -Sardine, Vomit, Grass, Ear Wax, Tutti Frutti, Popcorn, Toasted Marshmallow, Bacon, Blueberry, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earthworm, Booger, Grape, Soap, Lemon Drop, and Rotten Egg.
My husband thought I should just eat a bean at random without looking at the code to see what flavour it would be. That is, after all, how the Harry Potter characters eat them.

I, however, am not known for my iron stomache so I did look at the code. I daringly tried the Sardine flavour bean... and wow. Was it ever gross! It really did taste like a Sardine jelly bean. Icky. The Grass flavour wasn't too terrible. Not exactly enjoyable but I didn't have to spit it out. I enjoyed several of the "normal" flavours. I have not been brave enough to try the vomit flavour yet.

But I REALLY love that I have these candies in my possession. Love it.

Thank-you Douglas. I love you.

Just as a point of interest to my American readers... in Canada we really do spell "flavour" with a "u" in it. I'm not just confused or a bad typist.


Jinny and Colin said…
I haven't been brave enough to try any of the ones that Derek Selinger bought me...I'm a chicken, so you go girl. :) Oooo, on this website called there's a part called Rosmerta's Recipe's and it's a bunch of recipes for things from the books like Pumpkin Juice, Butterbeer, Treacle Fudge, etc. The Pumpkin Juice is really good. The fudge needs to cook longer than they say it does. :)
Bebemiqui said…
ooh, sounds, er tasty? Reminds me of Jones Soda and its Thanksgiving soda flavours (Turkey, Stuffing, Green Beans). Blech.
Amanda Franks said…
I have just started my Christmas list and this is the only item on it! How cool! (I too love HP but am behind two books! How shameful!)
Judy said…
Oh! I am SOO getting these for my daughter-in-law for Christmas!

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