So as I have been mentioning over the past few days... Olivia is teething... harshly. My poor baby girl is not happy these days. And for some reason she is no longer a good sleeper. In fact, she doesn't really qualify as an ok sleeper anymore. Last night she got up 6 times between midnight and 6 am. I am not enjoying my nights. I did learn last night that my husband can sleep and snore loudly in spite of Olivia's screaming. Good to know. So here is Olivia and I. Notice the dark circles under my eyes and the paleness and poofy eyes on Olivia. That is from lack of sleep. Nice eh?
Now granted she still is adorable. And now she can pull herself up on things and she is starting to "walk" around furniture and stuff. Here she has just pulled herself up on my leg and is very proud of herself. Notice the complete lack of teeth in her mouth.
My sweet Aiden has been trying to be so good the last few days despite the fact that he is essentially being ignored. That is the downfall of being the oldest... the younger ones always seem to need more attention. Which really isn't true but there doesn't seem to be enough of me to go around these days.
This morning Aiden let Olivia play with him and his legos. I was so proud of him since sharing really isn't his strong point. She adores Aiden though- look at that smile!

And here is Mr. Shadow the kitty. He had his booster shots this week and the vet told my husband that he was impressed with how healthy Shadow is and how much he has grown since we got him. Good. I'm glad he is happy (Shadow I mean). He really has been an excellent addition to our family.

I feel really bad for my mom. She is spending the nights here now until her building is cleared. She had to go to her apartment this morning and put all her clothes and stuff in plastic bags and move all her furniture away from the walls - luckily she had help since she is 64 years old and very tiny and really shouldn't be moving furniture on her own! Her landlords completely gutted the apartment where the infestation started (just across the hall from my poor mom!). They are fumigating the whole building this afternoon. Mom has to take all of her clothes and bedding and towels and everything and wash them at our local laudrymat... which is very expensive... because she is worried about bringing bedbugs to our house! She even changes her clothes in our shed before coming into our house! My poor mom. And her cat (a senior citizen in cat years) is living in my husbands shop downstairs. She (the cat) hates our kitten and isn't too fond of kids either. Poor cat. She is old and really shouldn't be expected to put up with these kinds of inconveniences.

And wow, it is definitely fall here in northeast Saskatchewan. This morning we actually had to turn on our furnace. Brrr.

School starts for Aiden in one week. YAHOO!!!! Now all I have to do is buy him (and Owen) school shoes and label all of their stuff. In fact I have to write their names on each INDIVIDUAL marker and crayon ... that means I have to write on roughly 80 colouring utensils. Fun times for me.


Juloyes said…
What beautiful children!!! How old are they? They look similar in age to mine crew: almost 8, 4 1/2, & 6 months.

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