Teething torture

Wow. I guess I have forgotten (or blocked out) how miserable teething is. Poor Olivia. She is really and truly miserable. Which perhaps is harder to handle because she is normally such an easy going baby. But I honestly feel so bad for her. And the poor kid throws up every time I try to give her tylenol! Her little eyes are all red and poofy from crying. Her nose is running constantly. She keeps stuffing her fingers in her mouth and then crying harder. Teething- the babies equivalent to torture. I even tried some oragel and that perhaps helped a tiny bit.

Needless to say I am not getting good sleep these days. Not at all.

I spent a good portion of the night last night walking and rocking Olivia. Then she cried so hard this morning that she managed to wake up her brothers before 6 am.

So I tried to give her some Infant Advil thinking maybe it would be easier on her tummy. Nope. She threw up all over me. Actually she threw up all over my last clean nightgown and the floor and herself. I guess I really have to do some laundry now.

We had thought about going to the city today to buy the boys their school shoes... but I think that will have to wait. There is no way I am carting poor Olivia around all day screaming. Not to mention the fact that it would likely be unwise for sleep deprived parents to drive anywhere. Falling asleep at the wheel is a bad thing... even in a place as flat as Saskatchewan.

I made myself some tea and a bagel about an hour ago. I am sure it is cold by now. But Olivia has given me a 15 or so minute break so I shall go attempt breakfast... cold or not I need sustenance! And caffeine.


Chris Heimsoth said…
have you tried Camellia, it's a herbal teathing liquid, it works awsome on david. though it may be hard to find in tisdale...

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