Sippy Cups and bedbugs

Here are some cute pictures for you all. These first few are of Olivia trying to drink from a sippy cup.
Olivia moving on from the sippy cup to crawling around the living room.
You can't really see it but this next picture is of my two boys looking at a humming bird hovering outside my living room window. Seriously the bird just hovered in front of the boys for several minutes. It was pretty cool.
Olivia showing off her crawling skills.
Aiden and Owen decided to decorate themselves. Don't they look fabulous?
And here is Olivia interacting with Shadow the kitty. He is SO good with her. He never bites or scratches her even when she pulls at his ears and tail. He is such a good cat.

Here is Olivia at church "visiting" with Alex who is less than 1 week younger than Olivia. But bigger. Alex moves very quickly and has lots of teeth. And hair. But that is ok... Olivia will catch up in no time and I am definitely not in any hurry.

In other news my poor mother was informed by her landlord today that a couple of the other residents have bedbug infestations in their apartments. My mother is horrified. The entire building is being fumigated but if any get in her bed she has to throw it out. They even told her to be careful walking in the hallways because they could get on the cuffs of her pants and then transfer to other places, such as her car or our house. My poor mother is creeped out by bugs at the best of times, never mind bedbugs.

So you can all pray that we won't get bedbugs at our house... I already told God I just can't handle that right now!

And Olivia is still miserable. Poor Olivia. Poor me. I am so tired.


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