Our visit to Hamilton

I realize that we have been home from our holidays for several weeks now but I have been a little slow getting all my pictures up... so bear with me. We had a wonderful time and I don't want to miss any of the highlights!

We visited the Hamilton area one of the weekends we were in Ontario. Before we moved to Saskatchewan my husband was a youth pastor at Stoney Creek Alliance Church (now called The Creek Community Church) for four years. So when we were in town a few of our friends got together for a little reunion. Carolynn Bucek hosted the gathering (thanks Carolynn & Marshall) and we had a very nice time catching up with our friends.

Here I am with my friend Leslie. She hates getting her picture taken so I was very proud of her for not sticking out her tongue and letting my husband get this nice shot of us!
This is our friend Greg. He is like a grown-up version of my son Aiden. They both love cars and have a touch of ADD!
The kids had an absolute blast playing in Carolynn and Marshall's covered deck area. They had a little kids tent set up and the kids kept sneaking various treats from the food table and stowing them in the tent. Carolynn's little girl, Paige, is the one in the lady bug costume. Aiden tried it on after her and looked pretty funny. Aliah (in the pink) has a ton of energy and could almost compete with my boys!
Here we are visiting- Greg, Melissa, Jodi, and Carolynn.
More visiting- Melissa, Jodi, Cherie and her little boy Caden.

We attended church in the evening at The Freeway church which is an innovative way of doing church. Our friend Mark Jefferson preached that night and afterwards we went over to his place to spend some time with Mark and his wife Krista. We also managed to wake up their youngest daughter, Eden, and she played with the boys. They were so good considering it was pretty late at night!
Mark played with the kids some while I walked with Olivia and Krista and Doug talked cameras and photography. As a point of interest our friend Krista is an amazing photographer - check out her site at Krista Jefferson Photography.
Here is their sweet daughter Eden- such personality! We really enjoyed meeting her. Her older sister managed to sleep through our whole visit!And one last picture of Krista and Eden. We had such a good time catching up!


Amanda Franks said…
I hadn't realize the Creek changed the name of the church. I went there when I was little, but haven't visited since we moved back East, maybe one week we'll make the trek and see how it's changed. Isn't reconnecting the best ever!

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