My Firstborn baby

My firstborn baby Aiden starts kindergarten tomorrow morning. I took this picture of him a couple minutes ago while he is sleeping peacefully. Up until this point I have been remarkably calm about my baby starting school... but I am suddenly, and rather unexpectedly, having a rush of nerves and emotion about the whole thing.

I really can't wait for him to start. I think he will have tons of fun and as I have mentioned before I trust his teacher implicitly. I have no problem whatsoever leaving Aiden in her very capable hands. But part of me just wants to protect him from all the "what if's" that school brings. You know, what if he hates school? What if he has trouble making friends? What if he bullies the other kids like he bullies his little brother? What if he is sad?

I want my baby to be happy and well liked and do well in school. I want him to LOVE going to school.

And I believe he will. Here I am learning to trust God again... ok God, take my baby boy, who really is not a baby at all anymore, and take care of him emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.

I know it is silly to have this rush of nerves. He will be fine. We live a block from the school. His teacher is wonderful and a Christian to boot. Our town is miniature and no one is going to steal him from his classroom. Terrorists are very unlikely to bomb northeast Saskatchewan. There is no water nearby so there is no risk of floods. Even if we have a raging blizzard (unlikely, but possible here) he would be fine. Corrie won't let the other kids beat him up and hopefully won't let him beat up any other kids either. I won't forget to send his school supplies or his lunch. I have clean clothes for him to wear. He had a bath tonight and went to bed at a reasonable time. He is excited to go to school. Everything will be fine.

But it is definitely the start of a new era for me. It really doesn't seem that long ago that my Aiden was a colicky infant screaming at me for 12 hours a day. Even miserable days that seem to take forever at the time fly by.

Now don't get me wrong here, I am seriously excited for Aiden to be in school. 6 hours, every other school day, I will only have 2 kids at home. 2 quieter, less rambunctious kids. And to top off the bliss Owen will be in pre-kindergarten a few mornings a week starting on Sept. 11. ( I am choosing not to take that particular start date as any sort of bad sign). When both Aiden and Owen are in school I have the potential of having 2 entire mornings with just Olivia. 1 kid. Wow. I don't know what I will do with my time.

Wait. Yes I do. I plan to nap when Olivia does. I really crave sleep. Lots of blissful sleep.

But my sweet Aiden is a wonderful kid... it is just a little hard for people to see that sometimes because of his rather ADD-like behaviours. I desperately want people to genuinely like my little boy and to help him feel good about himself.

Ok. Enough of the nerves. I need to go to bed. And sleep. So I don't forget to pack juice in Aiden's lunch box tomorrow.

And here is my sweet Olivia doing her latest trick. Pulling herself to a stand on anything that will hold her weight.
And of course dumping out her brother's bowl of dry cheerios and then eating them off the living room floor. Don't worry... I'm sure cat hair, garden dirt, and other floor paraphernalia make cheerios the perfect sanitary baby snack.
And by the way, Olivia still has no teeth. None. I'm fine with that.


Just Me said…'s definitely a new season for you...and for your little man! I think when you're kids start school, it hits home even harder 'why' we need to pray for them. From this point on, he will be under the influence of other people for good chunk of every day - learning from them, picking up the 'good' and the 'bad' ....BUT we have this amazing weapon - prayer...and the love of good parents...Enjoy this season at home with the younger two - it changes everything for them too! Lots of new things happening in your household eh?? Wow..enjoy! Life is awesome, isnt it?!
Bebemiqui said…
I often wonder if God had any sort've comparable nervousness when Christ preached in the temple:

God:"Whew, well that went okay. Hope my Boy's feelings aren't hurt."
Amanda Franks said…
I know what you mean about being so excited and so nervous. Isabella doesn't start preschool until next fall but she's already started talking about it. I know she'll love it, but it's funny how much I worry cuz I really want her to have a "cool" kid experience and not necessarily walk in the footsteps of the dork her mom was! I'm sure he'll have so many great adventures and now when you ask him how his day was he'll be able to tell you and you wont already know!

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