I just wanted to mention that I put a whole ton of pictures up on my facebook account so those of you who do facebook can see them there. I love facebook. And I am ok with that.

It is Sunday evening and ALL 3 of my children are asleep... I could clean my house or finish writing my sons' names on EACH INDIVIDUAL marker, crayon and pencil for school, or read an uplifting book... or I could waste time on the computer.

I would usually be reading a book right now in these brief moments of peace in my home... but I must admit I am finding it hard to move on after finishing the last Harry Potter book last week. What do I read now? I am attempting to read a Christian fiction book, by an author I normally enjoy... but there is a serious lack of magic in the book. And hey, I like magic. No, I don't think we should all rush out and buy broomsticks and cauldrons and wands but I do think it makes for a very engaging story. Like fairy tales. They aren't real either but you can't tell me you never thought how lovely it would be for Prince Charming to rescue you from the pit that is your life and make you beautiful, rich and happy for the rest of your life all in the blink of an eye. That is what makes a great story sometimes... how NOT realistic it is. I don't want to read a book about reality. I have enough reality. I personally think it would be very fun to be able to wave my magic wand and have my house clean itself and have my sons name magically appear on all his school supplies. I have also always wanted a fairy godmother.

I guess that is enough deep dark confessions from this pastor's wife for today.


the Doug said…
I thought I was your prince in shining armor that saved you from the pit....

I'll go and be sad now.

(love you still though... although you have forever burst my bubble)
Amanda Franks said…
You could always read the Potter books again, I love them as much the next time as I did the first. But I agree there should be more literature like that, I love reading it.

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