Interesting tidbits of information

Well here are some interesting facts for you all:

1. The leaves on the trees in front of my house have already started to turn yellow... which means fall really is on its way. In August. Sheesh.

2. Olivia is crawling like crazy and crawling babies are much harder to watch than stationary babies.

3. Aiden starts kindergarten two weeks from today. Wow.

4. There is a sunflower growing in the planter on my front deck which I did not plant and it is poised to open directly facing me while I sit at this computer.

5. My husband is amazing. He let me go back to bed this morning because I was so tired and while I slept he cleaned up the kitchen. Nice.

6. Olivia is drooling everywhere and has a runny nose and refuses to sleep for any length of time... teething time has officially arrived.


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