Good Friends

First of all I must say congratulations to two of my friends who had babies yesterday. Congratulations Jinny & Colin on the birth of Liam!! Welcome to parenthood!
And congratulations to Rhonda & Kris on the birth of Rebecca, a little sister for Janelle!

Yesterday was a crazy day ... not as crazy as my friends who were giving birth, but crazy in its own way. I spent the day cleaning my house because it had begun to look like a bomb had gone off in it. It took me ALL day to get it looking nice. But it really did look nice when I was done. Oh how I love when my house looks nice. Tragically I find it rather difficult to KEEP it looking nice for longer than about 6 minutes. But that is not the point. And lest you all think I have things too together don't worry, my laundry room is still piled insanely high with dirty clothes.

Our friends Glen and Colleen arrived in town from Calgary yesterday but I didn't get to see them last night because I was hostessing a baby shower for a friend and her sweet baby girl. It was good fun. My mom even came along to help me with Olivia which was great. When I got home I expected my sons to be in bed asleep but no... they were still up... 3 hours after their bedtime. They were very tired. And you would think that they would sleep in this morning since they had been up so late. No. They got up at 6 am like normal.

We saw a lot of grumpiness from being overtired today.
These two pictures are of Aiden and Owen at the park today. You'd think they would be having fun but no. Instead they were having fits.
Today we got to spend the day with Glen & Colleen and their two adorable daughters. We went to college with Glen & Colleen and our anniversary is 2 weeks before theirs. Today was their 8th anniversary and they chose to spend it with us! We feel very privileged since we live very far away from them and we really don't see each other very often. It was fun. They are camping in our local campground and we get to spend the day with them again tomorrow.
Here they are looking extra thrilled that we are taking their pictures. I know they will be just thrilled to have their lovely faces posted on my blog. Tee hee.

This is their beautiful daughter Mariah playing at the park with my kids and her little sister.
This is Abigail who is just one of the sweetest 4 year olds I know. You will notice that the two girls were both very happy and pleasant the entire time my two boys were throwing fits. I guess they haven't reached that stage where they are trying to be nice to impress the girls yet. Aiden still thinks throwing sand in Abi's hair will get him the attention he desires. Boys. Sheesh.

Olivia is crawling more and more these days. Today for some reason she refused to sleep for longer than about 20 minutes at a time. Usually she has a couple of good long naps during the day but not today. She was fighting sleep something fierce. I really don't understand the whole fighting sleep thing. I love to sleep. Love it. I fight falling asleep many times daily simply because I am not allowed to sleep as much as I want to. Ah. Sleep. Beautiful sleep.

And I am trying to finish reading the final Harry Potter. I let my husband read our copy first and now it is my turn. I am enjoying it but am only getting to read it in snatches of a couple pages at a time when I feed Olivia. Don't tell me how it ends. Please.

I think my neighbours are annoyed at my cat. Twice in the last few days I have seen someone walk over to my driveway carrying my cat and dropping him unceremoniously in our yard and then walking away. I guess they don't want him in their yard. It must be different neighbours than the ones who let their felines roam in our yard and their canines leave presents on our grass. I will tell you that our kitten is really adorable. He's got spunk. And he is great with my kids.
Owen constantly picks him up and carts him around, Aiden gives him hugs and Olivia pulls whatever she can get a hold of on him and still he never scratches or bits them. He is a very good cat. Shadow was a good addition to our family.


It kills me that you have now seen Glen and Colleen more times than us in the past year, and we live in the same town as them. We suck. And Liam's doing great by the by, thanks for the good wishes. Oh, and people who tell the endings of books should be shot like the dogs that they are.
Anonymous said…
I just finished reading my harry potter book today. Its good but I was sad at the end realizing it was the last one :( Hopefully your boys get more sleep tonight so they're not so grumpy for you tomorrow!
Leslie R :D
erin said…
Say hi to Glen and Colleen for us! We haven't seen them in ages!

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