Good bye again

We said good bye to our friends Glen & Colleen and their daughters this morning... it is always sad to say good bye to good friends. But we had fun while they were here. We went to the park yesterday afternoon and here are some pictures from our day.Colleen looking lovely. And here is a picture of us visiting while most of the kids were playing.

Mariah is practically a monkey on the monkey bars.
This is Abi looking cute.
Hopefully we will get to see them all again next summer when we head west for our vacation.

In other news I am almost sure Olivia is working on a tooth. She started drooling in earnest today and she is just not her normal agreeable self. I just hope it doesn't take too long. I forgot how much I dislike teething.


Amanda Franks said…
Looks like fun at the park, and Glen, Colleen and the girls all look so great! (It's so fun to spy on people I used to see in the halls and wouldn't otherwise ever see again:)). I too hope teething goes quickly for you, Brooklyn is popping three on the top at the same time, not fun!

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