The End of Swimming Lessons... for this year anyway.

Today was the last day of swimming lessons. Doug came with me to watch and take some pictures. The boys both did so well but honestly, Aiden did an amazing job. He loved the water and managed to complete his entire level! I am so proud. Owen also loved the water but refused to put his whole head under the water... so we will have to repeat the level next summer with Owen. But that is ok since he is only 3 anyway. Lots of time. I'm still proud of him for doing as well as he did considering he usually won't go anywhere near the water unless Doug or I are with him.

Olivia was very good while she was forced to wait for her brothers to finish their lessons. This morning she "played" with a couple of the other babies at the pool. Here is a picture of sweet Luke giving her a hug. Aren't they cute? Luke is a few months older than Olivia.
And Miss. Olivia is working hard on her newly acquired skill of crawling. She gets frustrated because she pushes herself backwards instead of forwards sometimes. She gets quite indignant and makes a fuss. But as always her outbursts are short lived and she is back to moving about.
Our new kitty Shadow has decided he would like to be an outdoor cat and every time someone goes through a door in our house you can count on him to make a dash for the great outdoors. So today I am just letting him roam... in the rain. That'll teach him. Or not. Yesterday he got out in the rain and when he came back in he promptly went into his litter box and got litter all over his legs and then tracked it all over my house. Lovely. We got him a little collar so at least if he roams too far and is found they will know he belongs to someone and isn't a stray. And hopefully he doesn't get beat up by the big tom cats in our neighbourhood.

I have an obnoxious headache today but I am attempting to ignore it. This of course is easier said than done but I shall give it my best shot.


Caroline said…
LOL - the cat litter story is priceless - As a family with 5 cats, I feel your pain!

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