A day in Prince Albert

Yesterday we went school clothes and supplies shopping in Prince Albert. Prince Albert is our closest city and it is a little over an hour away. Anyway, you would think that we could find jeans for my sons there... but you would be wrong. Apparently there is a severe shortage of size 5 jeans in our area. Also there is a severe shortage of cute outfits for 9 month old baby girls. Basically the trip was a bust. But we did buy the school shoes so it wasn't entirely for naught.

In between stores we stopped at a park and let the boys run off some steam. Shockingly shopping is not their favourite activity.

Here is Olivia exploring the grass.
Here is Olivia trying to eat the grass. Yummy.
Here is Aiden working on his monkey bar skills. I can't believe my little boy is getting so big!
And here is Owen running up and down a hill- exploring.
Over all it was a good day... but the shopping was really frustrating.

And in case you were curious, Olivia just dumped an entire bag of cheerios all over my living room floor, Aiden dumped juice down the front of his new jammies that he is still wearing at 4 pm, and Owen drove his Micky Mouse car over the cheerios that Olivia dumped crushing them into the carpet.

I'm not kidding. All that happened in the 3 minutes I took to write this post.


dags said…
hi tara! it's been a long time since i've had a peek at your blog! i've resolved to get back into blogging this fall, so here's hoping...your kids are so handsome/beautiful (depending on their gender, of course)!

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